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Download Soal UTS/PTS  Inggris Kelas 8 SMP/MTS Semester 1 K13 dengan kunci jawaban - Pada kesempatan ini saya akan berbagi kembali soal ujian tengah semester mata pelajaran bahasa Inggris kelas 8 K13. Semoga file yang saya sajikan ini dapat bermanfaat. Bagi bapak/ibu yang ingin mendownloadnya silahkan klik link download dibawah ini.

Download Soal UTS/PTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 K13

Berikut akan saya berikan isi dari soal ujian tengah semester mata pelajarn bahasa Inggris 

Download Soal UTS/PTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 K13

Read carefully and choose the best answer between A, B, C, D, and E.

1. Dina : Mega, where are you?

Mega : I’m in the house. What’s matter?

Dina : oh _____________ .

Mega: I’d like to help you. For what?

Complete the dialogue above with suitable expression ....

a. Would you like some help?

b. Sorry, I can’t help you

c. Could I possibly ask you to help me?

d. Let me help you

e. No, you don’t need to help

2. Chika: May I help you ?

Gita: Hmmm. Don’t bother yourself, thanks. 

The underlined sentence express ....

a. Asking help

b. Giving help

c. Offering help

d. Refusing an offer

e. Accepting an offer

3. Billy : Will you help me to build a snowman?

Elsa : Yes, of course. _____ .

Complete the dialogue above ....

a. I won’t               

b. I will

c. I will not             

d. Will I?

e. Shall I?

4. Rita is clever because she always studies every day.

What is the adjective of the sentence above?

a. Rita

b. Clever

c. Studies

d. Every day

e. Because

5. The perfume in the room is...

What is the correct adjective to complete the sentence above?

a. Fragrant

b. Smell

c. Beautiful

d. Sour

e. Excellent

6. Their home is very...

What is the correct adjective to complete the sentence above?

a. Challenging

b. Excellent

c. Comfortable

d. Cheap

e. Sour

The text below is for question number 8 – 11 

Soal UTS/PTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 8 K13

Do you know Isyana Sarasvati? She is a very famous singer from Indonesia. She is pretty and very talented. Her fulname is Isyana Sarasvati. She is usually called Isyana. This beautiful lady was born in Bandung, West Java, on May 2, 1993. Her parents are Sapta Dwi Kardana and Luana Marpanda.

Isyana, the Taurus girl, is slim. She is only 50 kg and 165 tall. She has a long smooth beautiful hair. By glimpsing, she looks like a korean star.

Talking about her personality, Isyana is kind of introvert girl. She seems very quiet. But actually she is friendly enough to people. Talking about her passion in music. Isyana likes jazz, RnB, pop, and soul. She also can play piano, saxophone, and violin. That's fantastic. What do you know about her song? Isyana is being famous because of a very romantic song entitled "Keep Being You" and "Tetap dalam Jiwa".

7. From the text above we know that,....

a. She is a famous  and talented singer

b. She can’t play musical instruments

c. She dislikes jazz and RnB

d. Isyana is an extrovert girl

e. Isyana is not an artist

8. The second paragraph talks us about ....

a. Isyana’s personality

b. Isyana’s physical appearance

c. Isyana’s attitude

d. Isyana’s passion

e. Isyana’s parents

9. What does Isyana do? She is a ....

a. Vocalist

b. Singer

c. Pianist

d. Musician

e. Actrees

10. “She is a very famous singer from Indonesia”. The underlined word means ....

a. Strange

b. Unpopular

c. Well-known

d. Clumsy

e. Unreal

11. She _____ her dog everyday

a. To feed

b. Feed

c. Feeds

d. Feeding

e. Fed up

12. When __ you ____ a shower?

a. Do, took

b. Do, take

c. Do, taken

d. Do, taking

e. Does, taken

13. Ruby : Do you like to sing?

Alucard : …

a. Yes, I likes to sing

b. Yes, I like to sing

c. Yes, I am liking to sing

d. Yes, I liked to sing

e. Yes, I had liking sing

The text below is for question 16 – 20

Romi and Roni are twins.  They look the same, but they have some differences. Romi is 39 kg, but Roni is 47 kg. So, Roni is (1) …….than Romi. Roni is 160 cm tall, but Romi is 163 cm tall. So Romi is (2) ….. than Roni.

Roni likes out door activities, but Romi doesn’t. So Roni’s skin is (3) …… than Romi’s skin. Romi always passes the math tests. Roni is sometimes fails in the math tests. So, Romi is (4) ….. at Math than Roni. Both Romi and Roni like to collect comics. Romi has 25 comics and Roni has 30 comics. So, Roni has (5)…. Comics than Romi

14. a. tinier

b. heavier

c. Smaller

d. Slimmer

e. largest

15. a. taller

b. Fatter

c. Bigger

d. Shorter

e. smaller

16. a. Fairer

b. Whiter

c. Darker

d. Shorter

e. taller

17. a. the best

b. better

c. good

d. worst

18. a. many

b. more

c. much

d. the most

e. a lot

19. Kate : We’ll have a long holiday next month. What are you going to do?

Yani : ....

Kate : I hope you have a nice trip

Complete the dialogue above ....

a. I am thinking of going to Bali Sorry

b. Sorry, I can’t tell you

c. It’s not your business

d. I have nothing to do

e. I don’t know what to do

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20. Alex : What do you think about the film ?

Bram : I think .......................

Complete the dialogue above ....

a. I like it

b. Thank you

c. I can’t hear you

d. You forget it

e. Let’s go

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